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De Paul Treatment Centers

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De Paul Treatment Centers 

The addiction or abuse of certain substances often leads to mental disorders and several related issues. At De Paul treatment centers, all clients are entitled to a special treatment plan, depending on their needs or goals. 

Practices carried out at De Paul are based on evidence. 

This implies that they perform necessary research to ensure the effectiveness of their operations. 

De Paul treatment center, Hillsboro, accepts clients of all age ranges from 13 years and above.

Clients within 18 years and above can receive health care services at the Hillsboro or Portland facility. 

For outpatients who prefer self-pay, De Paul offers them a sliding scale service fee. 

This treatment center works together to ensure that its service fees are affordable. 

In addition to this, they provide the best treatment plan for families and individuals that guarantees total recovery.

De Paul Tr

De Paul Treatment Centers – Addiction Treatment

eatment Centers specialize in handling alcohol and drug detox cases. Patients faced with certain health issues due to the misuse of certain substances or drugs can depend on the treatment providers at De Paul centers in Hillsboro for special treatments. Although they offer treatments only to DWI/DUI clients, women, men, and young adults can also receive treatments from these centers.

De Paul Treatment Center – Contact Information:

Phone Number – 503 535 1151 1135

Website http://www.depaultreatmentcenters.org

Address – 205 East 3rd Avenue P.O. Box 3007, Hillsboro

Intake Line: 503 535 1151De paul's treatment centers hillsboro Skinnycure

Here’s a breakdown of De Paul’s treatment procedures:

Main focus – 

Substance Abuse and Rehab Services

De Paul Treatment Center – Treatment Approaches:-

The abuse of substance counseling approach –

This treatment plan is intended to revive clients or patients who indulged in abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) –

This treatment deals with the patient’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior. This measure is applied when the treatment provider needs to restore the responses to the feelings and opinions.

Trauma-based counseling –

Trauma-related treatments focus on the traumatic past life incidents of the patient, as this can also affect their actions in the present. One thing that triggers the cause of drug abuse and addiction is the trauma of the incidents that had occurred in the past, hence this treatment therapy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) –

This focuses on the total mindfulness of a patient, and it is quite common in many medical classes. When a patient is mindful, it implies that they’re aware of their present state, which is the main idea behind this treatment therapy.

De Paul Treatment – Treatment type

Aftercare Support –

This Relapse Prevention Class is meant to help the patients to recognize warning signs, triggers, and relapse cycles. During this period, patients will engage in several assignments, have class discussions, and watch videos to help them stay away from the urge of addiction.

Intensive outpatient treatment –

This treatment type is intended for patients who wish to live their normal lives while undergoing a well-structured treatment procedure. Also, the treatment plan comes with different levels of intensity and duration, bringing the need for individualized treatment plans.

Outpatient –

The day treatment plan is usually scheduled for 2 to 4 weeks. It is intended for patients who wish to incorporate intensive, structured treatment using outpatient settings. This treatment method is always evidence-based and performed by experts in the field.

De Paul Treatment Centers provide all these treatment plans and more to patients through health care providers who are constantly on duty to maintain and restore the health of individuals. Moreover, based on their program schedules, they offer both weekly and yearly self-support, together with their volunteer services, all to ensure the best results.

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