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How long is cord blood viable?

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How long is cord blood viable?

How long cord blood is viable for will depend on various factors.

Cord blood is the leftover blood in a baby’s umbilical cord, and as much as you need to cart it off, it is also important. 

How long is cord blood viable for new born baby SkinnycureMany people store cord blood for hours, days, or even months, and they are still not certain about its viability.

So, the question now is, how long is cord blood viable? Based on the analysis, cord blood can be viable for up to 20 years based on the right storage mode.

Keep reading to learn more about how long cord blood can be viable and if storing cord blood is worth it. 

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is simply safekeeping cord blood for future purposes

Cord blood contains all the benefits that normal blood contains and more. 

But it can get bad; that is why you need to store it if you have plans for it.

After a while, cord blood loses its importance as it starts to decay. 

The red blood cells and other nutrients it has will lose their value, hence the need to store them properly.

Is storing cord blood worth it?

Many people haven’t realized how important cord blood is, and that is the reason they don’t see the need to store it. 

Cord blood can do a lot of good to humans. Storing cord blood is worth it because it keeps cord blood components intact for as long as you need them.cord blood banking after how long Skinnycure

You might need the cord blood for the red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, or the platelets in a couple of years from when you got it. 

If you don’t store it properly, it won’t have any of these components when you need them. 

Also, the cord blood might as well dry off by the time you need it.

How long is cord blood viable?

The estimated lifespan of the cord blood is about 20 to 23 years, but it depends on some factors such as

The mode of storage

To store cord blood properly, you need to freeze it. 

So, if they’re using any other storage means, they’re doing it wrong, and your baby’s cord blood will not be viable for long. 

Many people just keep it in a cool place, which is not enough to make it viable for the number of estimated years. 

But, as long as cord blood remains frozen, it is viable, and it will remain effective for up to 20 years.

How long does the cord blood stay effective before storing it?

This is also a factor that determines how long cord blood stays viable. 

If you keep the cord blood out for over a day before storing it, it might not stay viable for long. 

The blood would have lost some components within about 24 hours without storage. 

So, when you finally store it, it is no longer as potent as it should be, hence reducing viability. 

That’s why the blood should be sent to a blood bank as soon as possible to preserve its contents. 

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