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How many coolsculpting treatments are needed for the belly

How many coolsculpting treatments are needed for the belly Skinnycure

How many coolsculpting treatments are needed for the belly

Using Coolsculpting in cosmetics and aesthetic treatment is on the increase. The major reason could be that the process is non-invasive. Hence, many people are more comfortable with Coolsculpting Treatments for the belly than other surgical procedures.

Among other body parts that people target for the process, stomach Coolsculpting is receiving more attention. 

The fat within the stomach region proves to be one of the stubborn fats that hardly goes off with exercise or diet. 

Coolsculpting has become a possible solution to tackle stomach fat. 

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive process of removing fat cells from targeted areas of the body through freezing.  This is also called a cryolipolysis procedure.

The fats are common fats around the stomach, waist, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, chin, etc. 

Most of the time, these fats are generally referred to as stubborn fats. It’s always difficult to get rid of these fats by exercise or diet.coolsculpting treatment for the belly Skinnycure

A healthcare provider performs the Coolsculpting technique on the patient using the Coolsculpting applicator. 

Usually, he will place the applicator on the stomach, which is the targeted area. 

During the process, the applicator, which operates like a vacuum, produces a sucking feeling on the skin. At the same, it will also cool the skin.

Effectively regulating the applicator through cooling temperatures freezes fat cells within the targeted area. 

This will gradually destroy the fats cells and give the patient the desired body outlook. 

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments are Needed for the Belly?

The number of CoolSculpting treatments the belly needs depends on the type of fats found around the stomach region. 

The normal recommendation for Coolsculpting treatments on the belly is two treatments. 

The stomach remains one of the major body parts often packed with stubborn fats. 

Such fats always prove difficult to get rid of through diet or exercise. 

With more stubborn fat in the stomach region, the number of treatments may likely increase to achieve the goal.

Here are some factors that affect the type of fats on the belly and the number of needed Coolsculpting.

  • Age – Naturally, our body changes as we advance in age. As the muscles weaken with age, the skin will sag, and more fat cells to accumulate around the belly.
  • Pregnancy – Some life events like pregnancy plays a role in the accumulation of fat cells. It stretches the belly muscles and provides more space for fat cells.
  • Type of Fat (Visceral or Subcutaneous) – The type of fat around your belly region will affect the number of Coolsculpting treatments you could get. With visceral fat, the fat cells are deeply woven around some of the internal organs. This type is more dangerous fat as it could trigger heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and stroke.

Conversely, subcutaneous fat cells are immediately below the skin. This makes it quite easy to destroy them using the Coolsculpting treatment.

How effective is Coolsculpting Treatment?

Coolsculpting treatment is an effective and non-invasive method to get rid of stubborn fat cells in targeted areas in the body. 

Using Coolsculpting treatment on your belly region could produce up to 20% or more reduction of fat. 

This shows off some significant impact on your waistline and lower abdomen.

The results of Coolsculpting treatments are permanent, but you can include exercise and diet for proper maintenance.

How long does Coolsculpting Treatment last on the stomach?

Each treatment session of Coolsculpting treatment for the belly lasts for about 35 to 60 minutes. 

The treatments produce permanent results. But there could be more than one session in cases of extreme stubborn fat cells. 

Also, the patient may need to combine exercise and diet to maintain the result of Coolsculpting treatment for the stomach.


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