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How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Needed For Underarms?

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How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Needed For Underarms?

Do you feel the need to use a laser hair removal treatment for your underarm? 

Are you unsure of what it involves or how many treatments are needed? 

A typical hair removal treatment for underarms usually requires about three to four sessions to achieve the desired results. 

This is based on the different stages of human hair development. 

Continue reading this article to the end, as we’ll discuss some vital information on laser treatments for underarms. 

This comprises How Many Treatments Are Needed for Underarms, About Laser Removal, and Removal Steps.

About Laser Hair Removal

Some individuals undergo laser hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted hair. 

This treatment plan usually employs a laser (concentrated light beam) to rid themselves of excess hairs in specific body areas.

 These areas may be the back, underarms, chest, arms, legs, bikini area, and face.

During the treatments, a device is used to project a light ray that the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle absorbs. 

The light emitted by the laser converts to heat, and destroys the sacs area of the skin around the follicles. 

These follicles are responsible for hair growth, and once they’re damaged, it reduces the rate at which hair grows around that area of the skin.

It is appropriate to use this method to get rid of unwanted hair. 

However, you should know that this procedure is not a permanent solution for hair removal. 

For the results to last long, one needs to undergo multiple sessions and maintenance treatments. 

The procedure works well on all hair and skin types but is more effective in light-skinned individuals with dark hair.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Needed For Underarms?

Laser hair removal treatments are an effective alternative to shaving and have long-term results. 

After undergoing the treatment, you may observe some delay in hair growth, which results in fewer or finer hair. 

While this is right for a single treatment, you may need multiple sessions to get a more appealing result. 

Based on the different hair-growth stages, these sessions may be up to three or four.

Many manufacturers will claim that their products are a permanent solution to hair removal. 

You’ll need future maintenance or follow-up treatment to keep your underarm smooth for longer periods. 

Such maintenance usually takes about six to twelve months or simply at the rate of hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal Steps

These steps are fundamental for the treatment procedures.

  • The first thing your treatment provider will do is to numb the areas where he is to perform the treatment. He does this by applying a little anesthetic cream. Afterward, you’ll be provided with protective eyewear during the treatment procedure.
  • The next step involves placing the laser device over the area in question for its light to heat the follicles. This should take a few minutes to complete.
  • Your treatment provider may have to apply a soothing or cooling substance to the skin surface to reduce the pain.

The procedure doesn’t require you to stay all day so that you can return home after the session. 

Your treatment provider may recommend applying ice packs or cool compresses. 

You may need to apply topical steroid cream in case of severe swelling.

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