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A New Path Treatment Inc.

New Path Treatment Inc. Specialty Groups and Insurance Coverage substance abuse counseling Skinnycure

A New Path Treatment Inc.

A New Path Treatment Inc. is truly a new and promising path for those on the far end of substance abuse and mental disorders.

New Path Treatment Inc. Specialty Groups and Insurance Coverage SkinnycureThere are approximately 22.7 million Americans who need treatment related to drug abuse. 

Unfortunately, the shame and stigma attached to this condition prevent many of them from undergoing the necessary treatments. 

However, New Path Treatment Inc. is dedicated to offering recovery measures to these individuals in a safe, full-service, and comfortable environment.

New Path Treatment Inc. is a clinic specialized in restoring the health of outpatients suffering from substance abuse disorders. 

They carry out these treatment plans through a secure, full-service procedure. 

This article takes you through the services provided by the New Path Treatment Inc.

Read further to discover more about this information.

Overview of the New Path Treatment Inc. Recovery Procedure

counseling substance abuse patience New Path Treatment Inc. Specialty Groups and Insurance Coverage SkinnycureNew Path Treatment Inc. does not only focus on abused substances. 

For healthier results, they go even further to deal with the factors that are affected by the effects of substance abuse. 

These factors may comprise physical health, socialization, mental health, family systems, legal issues, employment, and smoking cessation.

They perform these treatment procedures by developing a personalized treatment plan to handle every specific need of the individuals. 

The treatment provider may also engage patients in group, individual counseling, or even psychiatric services. 

In addition, the clinic treatment procedures do not just cover affected individuals; it goes further to family members or other significant persons. 

This is to help them cope with the patient’s challenges and prevent their effects on them.

New Path Treatment Inc. Specialty Groups and Insurance Coverage

Here are the specialty groups and insurance coverage in the New Path Treatment Inc.

Special Groups:

  • Men’s group
  • Women’s group
  • DWI
  • Anger management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Batterer education
  • Criminal justice diversion

Insurance Coverage:

  • Emblem
  • CHCS
  • Medicaid
  • Beacon
  • GHI
  • Empire
  • Fidelis
  • Healthfirst
  • GHI Medicare
  • MVP
  • UHC
  • Value Options

Evaluations Carried Out in the New Path Treatment Inc.

The fundamental evaluations carried out by the New Path Treatment clinic are for adults who are victims of substance abuse and mental disorders. These evaluations include:

  • Court interfacing
  • Service can be done remotely or on-site
  • Connection with the right level of treatment and treatment programs
  • Referral and screening
  • For pre-court evaluations to be provided, individuals can work with attorneys.
  • Incarcerated persons have the privilege of pre-court services

Services and Programs Offered by New Path Treatment Inc.

Here are the primary services and programs you can get from the New Path Treatment Inc.:

Justice-Involved Individuals –

The Justice-Involved Individuals refers to Court referred Treatment, which implies that the clinic accepts individuals from different legal avenues. 

This happens when the individual is guilty of a crime and is undergoing court sessions. 

They believe that the crime should not define who the individual is since they carried out the crime under addiction control.

Intensive Outpatient and Day Treatment –

The day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient plan are ideal for patients willing to undergo intense, structured treatments as they utilize their home environment. 

Also, the treatment plan comes with different levels of intensity and duration, bringing the need for individualized treatment plans.

Residential –

This can be referred to as home service. It is a 24/7 treatment procedure in a supervised and controlled environment. 

Residential service involves trained practitioners performing intensive treatment on individuals while they yet reside in their homes.

Outpatient –

This treatment plan deals with the specific needs of a particular client. Such needs may include treatment planning, 

peer-led recovery support, individual and group therapy, assessment, etc.

Recovery House –

There is provision for long and short-term housing support for clients who are still recovering. 

The patient is expected to indulge in treatment services and the different recovery pathways during this period.

A New Path Treatment, Inc. – Contact Details

15 Jonesboro Street, Suite A, McDonough, Georgia, 30253

(678) 462-4183 (Fax: 678-432-5986) New Path Treatment, Inc.


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